Our Team/Staff

United Way of the Wine Country is seeking a Community Benefit Coordinator (Volunteer Coordination).  Please see the job description here, and follow instructions at the end of the job description to apply for the position.

Management Team

Mike Kallhoff
President & CEO
707.528.4485 x140
[email protected]

Marcus Meggett
Vice President, Finance
707.528.4485 x105
[email protected]

Jennifer O’Donnell
Vice President, Community Benefit
707.528.4485 x110
[email protected]

Rusty Smith
Vice President, Resource Development & Marketing
707.528.4485 x112
[email protected]

United Way Staff

Benjamin Acedo
Resource Development Coordinator
707.528.4485 x146
[email protected]

Kelsey Cupples
Community Benefit Coordinator, Financial Stability
707.528.4485 x122
[email protected]

Dominique Flores
Resource Development & Marketing Coordinator
707.528.4485 x136
[email protected]

Emmanuel Moon
Community Benefit Coordinator, Education
707.528.4485 x103
[email protected]

Ilene Moran
Staff Accountant
707.528.4485 x121
[email protected]

Kelly Musca
Volunteer & Corporate Engagement Coordinator
707.528.4485 x115
[email protected]ntry.org

Pam Nold
Executive Assistant
707.528.4485 x104
[email protected]

Amy Smith
Junior Accountant
707.528.4485 x138
[email protected]

Nicollette Weinzveg
Education Program Officer
707.528.4485 x141
[email protected]

Suzanne Yeomans
Financial Stability Program Officer
707.528.4485 x108
[email protected]