Spring Community Grants Cycle FAQs

Q. What grants are available during the Spring Community Grants Cycle?

Pride United and Women United award grants to local nonprofits and community agencies that provide support through programs or related initiatives that drive positive short- and/or long-term outcomes around improving financial stability for individuals and families in the LGBTQ+ community and women, respectively.

Q. When is the annual Spring Community Grants Cycle?

The Spring Community Grants Cycle starts in March, and organizations can apply April 1-30. The Grant Committees of each grant program convene to review applications and make funding decisions in mid-May. The United Way Community Board approves the grant recommendations in late May, and the grant recipients are announced in early June and awarded in early July.

Q. Do applying programs need to focus on promoting financial stability in order to receive a grant?

Yes! United Way of the Wine Country’s mission is to improve financial stability for all individuals and families throughout our service area. Pride United and Women United contribute to this effort by funding local trusted partners through our strategic grantmaking programs. The definition of financial stability is broad and includes projects that give direct and/or indirect assistance to improve financial stability, projects that provide financial education and/or workforce training, and projects that advocate for systems change and/or address root causes of financial instability.

Q. Can organizations apply for both Pride United and Women United grants in the same cycle?

Yes! Organizations may apply to receive grants from Pride United and Women United in the same spring grants cycle; however, organizations may not submit applications to both giving groups for the same project.

Q. What is the timing of the funding cycle? And must all granted funding be used during this time?

The funding cycle is July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the following year. Projects must use the entirety of their grant during the funding cycle. If a project does not use the entire granted funding in this time, organizations may request a one-time extension. 

Q. If multiple organizations are collaborating on a project, can they submit a single application?

Yes! For collaborating organizations working on a single project, only a single application must be submitted by one of the collaborating organizations. Details of the multi-organizational project should be described under the “collaboration” prompt in the Narrative section of the application. NOTE: only the applying organization needs to provide financial documents.

Q. Who contributes to the funding for the Spring Community Grants Cycle?

Each year during the Spring Community Grants Cycle, Pride United and Women United raise funds from current and new members, including individual, corporate, and foundational donations as well as employees who donate through United Way Workplace Giving campaigns. NOTE: Funds raised until April 30 will be included in the current year’s grants fund. Funds raised after May 1 will be included in the following year’s grants cycle.