Education is the cornerstone for community success. Local children need nurturing, support and opportunities to succeed in school and life in order to reach their full potential. Children who receive a quality education are more likely to graduate from high school and be better prepared for the workforce.

Education is one of the most important issues facing our community. By 2020, United Way nationwide seeks to cut by half the number of young people who drop out of high school. Locally, we have focused on investing in educational programs and initiatives to ensure more children enter kindergarten ready to learn and exit third grade reading proficiently. Research shows students who do not read proficiently in third grade are four times as likely not to graduate high school in four years.

Through United Way’s Schools of Hope, we are leading the effort to increase the number of children reading at grade level by the end of third grade.

We also engage families to help their children grow reading skills with United Way School Readiness Backpacks.  These backpacks are targeted to low-income families of children ages 3-5 to help ensure children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

We all win when a child succeeds in school. Join United Way and its partners to help our youth.


Here’s what teachers of Schools of Hope students are saying about the program:

“Thanks for the great support. Looking forward to working with SOH [Schools of Hope] next year!”

“I really appreciate the time and energy the tutors put into our students. We are so lucky to have them! Such a wonderful program!!”

“This is a wonderful program and I appreciate the wonderful people who come and give so willingly of their time.”

“I am grateful for all our SOH [Schools of Hope] volunteers. I look forward to making our working student binder/resources even more effective to help with the reading process.”

“The two tutors my student worked with this year were fabulous. My student is very anxious and easily frustrated and they were able to calm him and help him feel confident and good about himself as a reader.”

“Great program hope we can have it again next year!”

“The SOH [Schools of Hope] tutors are very kind and dedicated to helping the students. The students look forward to their sessions each week. Just by having the one-on-one extra reading time makes a difference for these kids because they don’t always have that experience at home.”

“Schools of Hope is a great resource to our school. Any program that can provide help to our students is great, but the volunteers have been amazing and have provided a great service to the children that participated. Adding Schools of Hope to the other ways that we help children meet their goals is a plus for them and for us.”

“The tutors were professional and respectful. Each student loved working with their tutor and were delighted to see them. Their confidence grew each day and they became eager to read.”

“I just hope we can get more tutors again. The kids love the attention and there are so many more kids that would do well with it too. Thank you so much!!!!”

“The Schools of Hope tutors are wonderful! They helped improve every 1 of my student’s reading fluency and confidence!”

“Thanks for all you and they do.”

“This is a wonderful program. All six of my students were excited to go and read with their tutors each week. Several students made so much progress with their tutors that we were able to replace them with other students who needed the extra support.”

“This is such a great program. I wish that there was a way for more of our students to be able to participate.”

“The program ran quite smoothly once we adjusted to knowing how to use Let’s go Learn.”

“We have been very fortunate to have Schools of Hope work with our students this year. This extra one on one reading time is very valuable and students look forward to working closely with someone to improve their reading skills. Thank you for all you do!”

“Thank you Volunteers for your time and help!”

“My kids learned a lot and looked forward to their time with their tutors.”

“Thank you so much for your time and positive energy! You help our students build confidence and a love for reading.”

“Wonderful addition to helping our students learn to read more fluently and increase their desire to read 🙂 They both really enjoyed it, thank you!”

“My students loved going to tutoring! I saw improvement in attitudes and ability in every one of them. Thank you!”

“I love SOH [Schools of Hope] and I’m so happy our children get the opportunity to experience it. My students who go really enjoy going and have great bonds with their tutors. Thank you for this opportunity for them!!”

“This program was extremely beneficial for my students. They looked forward to their tutoring day and all the tutors were very devoted to their tutee’s. I hope this program continues next year!!!👍🏻😀”

“I really enjoyed the SOH [Schools of Hope] program! I noticed a lot of progress in my students’ reading levels, and their confidence when reading. Way to go, SOH [Schools of Hope]!! Thank you SO much for all you (tutors and program) do!!!”

“All of the Schools of Hope tutors are calm, compassionate and professional. It’s a great opportunity for a few of my students to interact in a more intimate setting that is both caring and supportive.”

“We have a dedicated group of tutors. They work well with our students and our students look forward to working with them each week. Thanks for supporting us in providing this wonderful program.”